Monday, November 30, 2009

Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah

Located next to the landmark Royal Town Kuala Kangsar, Ubudiah Mosque, Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery was once called Upper Castle. The castle is also known as the Palace City and is located at Bukit Chandan. This building is the first concrete castle built in the state of Perak Darul Ridzuan. The palace was originally owned by the deceased Murshidul Azam Sultan Idris Shah, Sultan of Perak to 28 (1887-1916). Hulu began palace built in 1889 and completed in 1903.

Made before the gallery, the building became the school for educational purposes locals in the 1970s. Today, two-storey building is divided into several sections according to events and life experiences that passed by Sultan Azlan Shah who became the government for the people and government of Perak while this. It officially opened on December 9, 2003 and became one of the attraction in the city with the famous enterprises Sayong this pumpkin.



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